• Year2022-2023

  • LocationImperial County, California

The Westside Canal project, situated in the desert adjacent to an irrigation canal, comprises over 800 stacked lithium-ion cubes covering approximately 16 acres. With a capacity of 131 megawatts and 524 megawatt-hours over a four-hour period, the facility is interconnected to the California grid via an SDG&E substation.

The Westside Canal Battery Storage Project is a utility-scale energy storage complex capable of reaching up to 2,000 Megawatts (MW) at full build-out. Its purpose is to store energy generated from the electrical grid and discharge it optimally back into the grid to support regional energy demands.

Clark Bros Inc. provided all site grading and site prep for the facility as well as all foundations, below grade trenching, conduit and grounding for the BESS.