• Year2023

  • LocationPorterville, California

The Tule River Tertiary Wastewater Systems Facility project included construction of a new water reclamation, stormwater, and water distribution facility. Key components included the permanent abandonment of Lift Stations 7 and 12, which are part of the City's sanitary sewer collection system, construction of the Tertiary Wastewater System Facility (TWSF), a 1.0 million-gallon above-ground water storage tank, vertical turbine pump station and associated recycled water infrastructure. The TWSF infrastructure taps into the City's wastewater treatment plant outfall pipeline and incorporates treatment facilities to produce Title 22 compliant recycled water for unrestricted reuse.

The recycled water generated by the TWSF will be conveyed through a new distribution pipeline to serve non-potable needs within the Relocation Project area as well as the City's Sports Complex. As part of this endeavor, the City's Sports Complex will be retrofitted to accommodate recycled water usage, including the abandonment of existing potable water connections to irrigation booster pumps.