• Year2022-2023

  • LocationRio Vista, CA

The Solano 4 Wind Project sprawls across 5,900 acres within the Solar Wind Resource Area in Solano County. The project involves upgrading outdated wind turbines with larger, more sophisticated models, termed the ‘re-power project’. The project is split into two segments: Solano 4 East, covering 881 acres, and Solano 4 West, spanning 1,390 acres. Supervision of the installation of 9 turbines in the east and 10 in the west is overseen by SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District).

Each new Solano 4 wind turbine boasts a blade diameter of 150 meters and generates 4.5 MW of power, contributing to a total production capacity of 303 MW for our Wind Farm. The electricity generated by the project aids in meeting California's Renewable Portfolio Standard, aligning with SMUD's ambitious 2030 Zero Carbon Plan.

Clark Bros Inc., scope of work consisted of construction of all civil and electrical labor and design up to the collection line side of the switchgear.